Ella-Gible Bachelors

“A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.”- Wizard of Oz. That chubby old man may have been a con artist behind a curtain, but he had a valid point. I learned at an early age that the point of my existence isn’t to love as many men as possible, it’s to make more men love me than already do. Society is so quick to create dichotomies for women- we’re either virgins or sluts; clingy psychos or stuck-up bitches.

Well boys, I got a binary code of my own: My Discarded Men or Ella-gible Bachelors. What does an Ella-gible bachelor look like? Well 1.) he’s clearly not married- btw you are single until married. And 2.) hasn’t done something to turn me off or- worse- piss me off.

To be fair, all boys around the world are born Ella-gible bachelors. But it is through a various series of events (mostly turning/pissing me off) they are transformed into nothing more than a mental icon I have clicked & dragged to the trash basket (click).

Why am I airing my dirty laundry for all to see? Well the benefits are triple-fold:

1.) Y’all can learn you are not alone in the humiliating ritual we call dating. This shit sucks. “I’ve been dating since I was fifteen! I’m exhausted! Where is he?”- Charlotte York.

2.) I’ve made a lot of  mistakes and seen my discarded men make even more; learn how to cope, overcome this crap, and play the dating game successfully.

3.) I can only afford to see my therapist once a week, so this will keep me at bay while from the doctor I am away.

13 thoughts on “Ella-Gible Bachelors

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  2. Yep that is why my “Cutoff Ages” are 28 to 40. Reminds me of a night back in 2006;

    ” I am not sticking around for any 22 year old Hottie at In – Cahoots, who said, ‘ Hey Cowboy, I’m 22 tonight, I am a Virgin, I’m drunk, and I have chosen you……’… ( I was outta there faster than OJ at a KKK Rally )” – 03/24/2006

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  4. I just wanted to stop by and read a bit. Hon, if it weren’t for blogging, I’d be in the nuthouse . . . again! Like you, my insurance will only pay for one session a week. On top of that, my shrink only works part-time. That means I can only see her every OTHER week. Can you imagine how much angst, anger, insecurity, black tar from the pits of hell can be built up in 14 days? Fifty minutes is just not enough! Alas, that’s what I’m stuck with because I just don’t have the energy to: 1) Find a shrink that I like; 2) Find a shrink that I like who also has a clue about the internal/infernal goings on in my brain, and; 3) Will take my health plan. Sooo, as you so accurately pointed out, there’s always WordPress.com or some other blog-host out there to which I can expose myself. Great blog, Ella! I am super-dupper digging it.

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